This page has 21 thumbnails of the hand made original scores for Kurt Schwitters' Ursonate which were made by Kai Schoenburg and Jack Ox, with the help of Angela Fuster-Duran. Kai is a percussionist with perfect pitch. While a student at the Musikhochschule in Cologne, Germany, he listened to the Ur-performance of Kurt Schwitters reciting his 41 minute sound poem, and wrote down each pitch and note value. Angela taught Jack Ox every thing she knows about phonetics at the Phonetic Institute at the University of Cologne, under Georg Heike. Ox did the phonetic analysis and wrote them down on these pages. Ox also hand stamped all of the music staves on the graph papers.

Please read left to right on each page, reading each of the three lines before going to the next page. Better yet, click on each page to see them in a large format.