Animated stillshots from "Im Januar am Nil" by Clarence Barlow

The performance of "Im Januar am Nil" in the Color Organ has time moving in a parabolic spiral path. By doing this the actual structure of the music is visualized because of the compositional process. The musical polygons are texture mapped with a 2D picture representing the family of instruments and a color for specific timbre. In the large stillshots you see upon clicking on the image, the texture maps are seen more clearly. Also seen are upright square planes with the "vocal" texture map embedded, and colored with the vowel sound simulated by the micro-tuned instruments.

The width of each polygon is determined by the attack of the note, pitch is in the relative vertical position. The length of the note is mirrored in the length of the polygon.

Mouse over and you will see an animation of the musical structure as it develops over the desert landscape. If you click on the image you can see large stillshots.

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