This has been an exciting year for the 21st C. Virtual Color Organ. First of all the Organ has become an object. David Britton put together a very cool green computer with a plastic window allowing all to view its guts and a bright green light which stays on all of the time. Eventually the Color Organ will have its own immersive environment, probably in the form of a head mounted display. This object/color organ can be sold to museums and collectors including the Color Organ software by Britton in WorldToolKit, 3d models made by Richard Rodriguez (the desert organ stop) and Jack Ox (visual realisations of sound files) from drawings, concepts, and texture maps by Ox, and all of the necessary hardware. There is also the possibility of on-going service and upgrades by Britton.

Jack Ox moved to New Orleans from New York City in September. Despite the turmoil surrounding her move she and Britton made large strides forward towards production of the Gridjam. The project had so much support from institutions like, the Arts Technology Center, the Albuquerque High Performance Computer Center, both at the University of New Mexico, and the University of Loughborough's Creativity and Cognition Research Studios that Ox was able to carry on working out how and what to do in order to model the 180 sound files from Alvin Curran into shapes which would represent pitch and dynamic information in their shapes and timbre qualities in the colors gradating over their surfaces.