The landscape used as the base for all the texture maps in this first group of sounds is which represents vocals in works visualized earlier and played on traditional orchestral and vocal instruments. Each player will have groups of sounds loaded on their MIDI keyboards. The original sound files will be modified by a group of six audio filters, which will be put into action by the laptop player musician. We will then link these sound modifications to different motions for the objects to keep repeating, i.e. moving in a circular pattern or moving right and left, up and down.

Each group of players will have their own distinct direction to move out from the center of the virtual desert landscape. Because it is operating in virtual reality the space is hyperbolic, with the players never reaching the end of the landscape. The objects generated by the sound files have both vertical and parallel placement and movement possibilities. At the end of the musical performance there remains a sculpture moving out from the center in ray like patterns, although retaining repetitive movements through the zone reserved for its actions. Interactive spectators can then go back through space and hear the sounds which have produced objects by choosing the objects.